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Butterfly Yoga

Yoga Classes for Children, Adults and Family Workshops

Support for children with disabilities through Yoga for the Special Child Program.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga works on all parts of the body, from the inside out. It is an excellent complement to

other kinds of therapies allowing the child to understand and assimilate them more easily.


Through the practice of specific types of breathing exercises more oxygen is brought to

the brain cells stimulating all areas and improving attention and concentration.

The breathing exercises will help the child to fully fill their chest and lungs and understand

what it means to actually breathe deeply.

The breathing exercises that come with yoga can be done independently or within poses.

When a child learns how to use these techniques, they can apply it when feeling anxious and therefore use it as a

coping mechanism.

Emotional Balance

The combination of breathing techniques and poses helps children to develop emotional balance through clearing their

minds and enabling them to cope with challenges.

It helps to improve concentration, improve confidence and to reduce stress and anxiety.

Body awareness and co-ordination

Yoga helps a child to become more aware of their body, increase flexibility, muscle strength and co-ordination.  Yoga is

made up of interacting movements which may involve being in and out of the same poses. This interaction and repetition

can help children develop their coordination. Children can gain a better understanding on how to master their own movements,

and give themconfidence.

Children with disabilities may have tension and rigid muscle tone that can be helped through yoga. Stretching the body can

help the child get rid of the tension, while holding poses will increase strength for those able to practice regularly.

Ways to support the child through yoga

1 to 1 sessions

Incorporating methods learned from Sonia Sumar in the Yoga for the Special Child Program, this

involves specialised breathing exercises, eye exercises and relaxation techniques. The Program

is an early intervention program that can assure the healthy formative development of infants

and toddlers. The sessions are specifically developed for the needs of the baby, child or adult.

The program was created and pioneered by Sonia Sumar who had a daughter with a disability.

Sonia put together this method in order to help and enhance the natural development of her own

daughter and consequently help other children with special needs. Sumar has been teaching this

method for over 40 years and her work has received worldwide recognition as the best yoga

therapy for children with disabilities.

The program also supports adults with disabilities.

Private Family Yoga or Group Sessions

Where the child(ren) and parent(s) take part in the yoga session together. The focus of the session is

on the needs of the child(ren).

Family Yoga Workshops

General sessions introduce children to yoga through breath work, postures and games. Partner work takes place

between the child and parent.

Specific sessions for children with Autism or with Down Syndrome. These are restricted in number and focus

specifically on the needs of the child.

Group sessions

These can be for children, teens or adults. They can be general or specific to the needs of the group.


Kids Classes, Teen classes and Adult Classes and Workshops  - see Timetable for further details.

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